Discover Sedona's Local Secrets.

Sedona’s Local Secrets: 10 Incredible Places

Kimberley Lehman

Sedona, Arizona is renowned for its striking red rock landscapes, spiritual vortexes, and flourishing art scene. But beyond the tourist attractions, there are Sedona’s local secrets, brimming with local favorites and hidden gems that offer a fresh perspective on this magical land. Let’s open the box and explore the top ten local secrets of Sedona.

1. Doe Mountain Trail

While the masses flock to Bell Rock and Cathedral Rock, locals love the lesser-known Doe Mountain Trail. This moderate hike rewards climbers with a 360-degree panorama of Sedona’s iconic red rocks, providing a stunning vista sans the usual crowd. One of the best secret hikes in Sedona.

2. Indian Gardens Café & Market

One of the hidden gem restaurants in Sedona. Nestled in Oak Creek Canyon, this charming café is a beloved spot for its farm-to-table fare, artisan baked goods, and inviting ambiance. Its beautiful patio, adorned with twinkling lights, makes for an ideal place to unwind after a day of hiking.

3. Buddha Beach

While Sedona’s vortexes draw spiritual seekers, Buddha Beach remains a quiet sanctuary. Located by the Red Rock Crossing, it’s known for hundreds of balanced rock cairns dotting the landscape. The tranquil energy here offers a perfect spot for meditation.

4. Elote Cafe

No local’s list would be complete without this off-the-beaten-path restaurant. Famous for its elote (fire-roasted corn), the Café also serves up a fusion of Mexican and Southwestern cuisine, using fresh local ingredients. The spicy, smoky flavors are a true treat for the taste buds. Sedona’s local secrets never tasted so good.

5. Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village

Tucked away like a secret gem, Tlaquepaque is an idyllic sanctuary for art aficionados. Its picturesque cobblestone pathways are flanked by lush sycamore trees and breathtaking artwork, creating a captivating atmosphere that beckons visitors to explore its many treasures. Here you’ll find a variety of quaint boutiques and arresting galleries exhibiting the works of talented local artisans. It’s an authentic replica of a Mexican village that provides an unforgettable experience for all who visit it.

6. The Sundowner Bar & Grill

Offering a selection of craft beers and wines sourced from Arizona, The Sundowner located on Jordan Road is a popular spot with locals, particularly for its spectacular view of the red rocks of Sedona at sunset. Many people come in droves to this idyllic spot to witness the glorious and resplendent colors of the sky when it is bathed in twilight while leisurely sipping on their favorite beverage. The sheer beauty of this enchanting landscape combined with the serenity of the moment makes for a truly special experience that many return for again and again.

7. Schnebly Hill Road

An alternative to Sedona’s touristy scenic drives, Schnebly Hill Road offers a rugged, adventurous trip with captivating views of the valley and towering cliffs. Locals suggest a 4×4 vehicle for this thrilling drive that offers numerous vista points for breathtaking photographs.

8. Verde Valley Wine Trail

Just a stone’s throw from Sedona lies Arizona’s burgeoning wine country. The Verde Valley Wine Trail showcases a selection of vineyards and tasting rooms, offering an opportunity to sip locally-produced wines amidst verdant landscapes.

9. Sedona Heritage Museum

This underrated museum offers a comprehensive and unique insight into the history of Sedona. It is housed in buildings that were originally constructed by pioneer settlers, and it is devoted to exploring the past of the town, from its days as a cowboy settlement to its emergence as an iconic Hollywood destination. This museum provides visitors with an eye-opening look at the local history which is often overlooked by tourists in search of other attractions. What guests like about this place is that it offers a rare chance to gain an understanding of how Sedona has evolved over time into what it is today.

10. Secret Slick Rock Trail

A hidden gem even among locals, Secret Slick Rock Trail offers a peaceful alternative to the crowded Boynton Canyon. The trail leads to a wide expanse of slick rock, with panoramic views of Sedona’s majesty and an ideal spot for quiet reflection.

Indeed, Sedona offers far more than what initially meets the eye. Sedona’s local secrets capture the heart and spirit of the community, offering unique experiences that resonate deeply with the soul. So, the next time you visit Sedona, be sure to explore these lesser-known wonders and non touristy things to do in Sedona. In doing so, you’ll discover an authentic side of Sedona that’s typically reserved for those who call this magical place home.

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