Bar patrons enjoy Sedona nightlife.

Sizzling Sedona Nightlife: Red Rocks, Starry Nights, and Cocktails to Delight!

Dan Turner

Is there anything more magical than a night out under the starlit sky of Sedona, Arizona? Possibly… but it’d have to involve a rainbow-colored unicorn. The problem is, unicorns are hard to come by. Luckily, Sedona nightlife is as reliable as it is enchanting. So, if you’re wondering whether there’s more to Sedona than hiking boots and energy vortexes, oh, honey, buckle up!

We’re about to take a joy ride through the buzzing bars and vibrant Sedona nightlife that awaits when the desert sun dips below the horizon. Agitation, you ask? Not here, only exuberance, mystique, and an electrifying blend of libations!

First up, we’re whisking you off to Sedona’s premier wine bar, the VINO DI SEDONA. Don’t be deceived by its modest exterior — inside lies a wonderland for wine lovers. With an extensive selection that’d make Dionysus blush, this chic spot features local Arizona wines alongside global favorites. But don’t stop at the grape. Vino Di Sedona regularly hosts talented local musicians, filling the space with soul-soothing tunes that perfectly pair with your glass of merlot.

Speaking of music, SOUND BITES GRILL is a must-visit for the harmonically inclined. This swanky supper club hosts a range of local and touring bands. Their genres span everything from rock, jazz, country, and even reggae. In addition to the rhythm, you’ll find a menu loaded with delectable treats and a robust selection of cocktails that are as diverse as the music lineup.

For a more bohemian atmosphere, head to THE ART OF WINE. This inviting wine bar doubles as a gallery, displaying works from local artists on their ever-changing walls. It’s a beautiful convergence of culture and cabernet, where you can sip, stroll, and enjoy an intimate night out.

Now, if you’re thinking, “sounds lovely, but where’s the tequila?” we’ve got you covered! Welcome to 89AGAVE CANTINA, an authentic Sonoran-style Mexican restaurant with a tequila selection that’ll make your head spin—hopefully from excitement, not shots! Paired with their award-winning margaritas and a lively outdoor patio, it’s the perfect spot to soak up Sedona’s nocturnal magic.

For beer enthusiasts, OAK CREEK BREWERY is Sedona’s craft beer heaven. Their artisan ales, deliciously brewed on-site, are as flavorful as the surrounding red rocks are majestic. With the chill vibe and hearty pub grub, it’s a prime place to wind down after a day of adventure.

Now, let’s fly across the Atlantic without leaving Sedona. Welcome to MOONEY’S IRISH PUB, the spot where everyone is a bit Irish. This lively pub, known for its friendly atmosphere, provides a wide selection of beers and spirits, traditional Irish dishes, and, of course, the good old craic!

For a slice of American comfort, we take you to PJ’S VILLAGE PUB. This classic American diner serves up hefty burgers, frosty beers, some karaoke, and a mean game night! It’s a great place to unwind, catch a sports game, and enjoy some home-style cooking.

Lastly, but by no means least, we have the FULL MOON SALOON. This is Sedona’s classic dive bar where locals and visitors mingle alike. Don’t expect fancy cocktails here. Instead, they serve up cold beers, pool tables, and karaoke nights that are legendary—both for fantastic and fantastically bad performances!

So, as the red glow of Sedona’s iconic rocks fades into the star-speckled night, you’re now equipped with a list of the best watering holes in town. From sophisticated wine bars and live music venues to a tequila-infused cantina and local beer hub, you won’t be left thirsty in this desert town.

Sedona nightlife is truly magical. With hidden gems waiting to be discovered by those who dare venture out at night, there’s no better way than experiencing it firsthand. So why wait? Start uncovering them tonight!

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